The end of the AIFMD depositary derogation and other market developments

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) is entrenched but evolutions are taking place in its development. Continued focus on the independence of the depositary Increasingly, alternative investment funds (AIFs) are favouring the appointment of independent depositary providers, as managers, institutional investors and fund directors become more circumspect about the potential conflicts of interests occurring in the oversight role if […]

AIFMD 2: where things stand and what its focus should be

The EU’s Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) has gone through numerous rewrites and development phases since the acronym first entered the public domain way back in 2009. AIFMD originally included a requirement that it must be reviewed by the European Commission by 22 July 2017. The Commission is now reportedly looking for experts to undertake an evidence-based study, to […]

Navigating Hard Brexit: The continued importance of the depositary

The UK government has finally revealed its Brexit position. Any chance of a soft Brexit or retained membership of the Single Market has apparently been removed. The UK will almost certainly pull out of the Single Market although some hope policymakers will negotiate a transitional arrangement to avoid a cliff-edge Brexit. The risk of a cliff-edge Brexit – that is […]

Predictions for the alternative fund depositary market in 2017

INDOS Financial sets out its predictions for the alternative investment fund depositary market in 2017. Managers to continue to review performance of depositaries leading to further provider change In 2016, we saw a number of high profile managers evaluate and change depositary as they sought to improve the service quality and value they obtain from their providers. We expect this […]

Brexit and the US election: what next for hedge fund regulation?

This INDOS Financial article was first published by HFM Week and can be read here. Brexit means Brexit, or so it was thought. Nobody quite knows what the UK’s negotiating position will be including possibly the UK government itself. There have been utterances among some in financial services that costly EU regulations could be scrapped or amended post-Brexit. Is it […]