Below is a sample of the positive feedback INDOS Financial has received from clients and other industry participants.

Cantab Capital Partners LLP

“Following the introduction of the AIFMD, like many managers we initially appointed a depositary affiliated to our fund administrator. Almost two years on, we recognise that independence between the depositary and the fund administrator will add more value to our investors, the funds’ directors and our business. INDOS has established an excellent reputation as an independent depositary. We have been impressed with their management of all aspects of the transition and look forward to working with the team.” Fraser McIntyre, Cantab Capital Partners LLP

CF Partners

“CF Partners partnered with INDOS Financial because they offered an independent service which could necessarily withstand the rigours of a far reaching investor due diligence and, upon examination of their systems and control processes, we could see how their product offering has the potential to go further than that available from administrators.” Lance Peatling, CF Partners Asset Management LLP

Ledbury Capital

“Ledbury Capital selected INDOS Financial as an independent depositary-lite provider for the launch of its fund in July 2014. The on-boarding process was straight-forward and the INDOS team worked pro-actively with our administrator, prime broker and legal advisor to meet our launch timetable. The team are professional to work with and perform their duties with minimal operational impact on our organisation.” Chude Chidi-Ofong, Ledbury Capital Partners LLP

Habrok Capital Management

“Habrok Capital Management chose to partner with INDOS Financial for their thorough understanding of the AIFMD depositary requirements coupled with a positive, can-do attitude.  We were impressed with their pragmatic approach to implementation, and have benefitted from the relationship beyond simply meeting regulatory requirements.” Sandra Crane, Habrok Capital Management LLP

Onslow Capital Management

“In the selection of a depo-lite provider, INDOS Financial were distinguished by the depth of experience they bring which is invaluable in providing a truly robust, independent oversight function. The onboarding process was seamless, and we continue to be impressed by their ability to interact with, and manage the information flow from, other service providers. The team maintains a good balance between asking the right questions at the right time, and minimising the operational burden on the fund’s management team, giving us confidence that they genuinely add an additional layer of controls to the process.” Tammy Lake, Onslow Capital Management Ltd

Operational Due Diligence firm

“It was very interesting to see how INDOS Financial is set up to perform the AIFMD depositary duties. Your firm is clearly very well versed in AIFMD and your systems and procedures are extremely thorough. We can see how your AIFMD depositary duties will add value to your clients and provide an extra layer of comfort and assurance for investors.”

Salt Rock Capital Partners

“Salt Rock Capital Partners selected INDOS Financial because they stand out as specialists in the field of Independent Oversight.  This is solely what their experienced team came together to do.   We are pleased with the pro-active on-boarding of our Fund and the level of service provided since.” Rowan Levy, Salt Rock Capital Partners LLP

Hedge Fund Investor

“As an investor in hedge funds, we value the role of an independent depositary. A depositary’s oversight of fund cash flows, assets, net asset valuation and prospectus compliance provides an on-going check on the activities of the manager and fund administrator. As an independent firm, free of any conflicts of interest with other fund service providers, we take comfort from the role that INDOS Financial performs for some of the funds we invest in.” JP Lee, CFO & Head of ODD, Fund of Hedge Funds