AIFMD Depositary Services

We are industry-leading specialists, offering independent depositary services to a broad range of alternative investment funds.

INDOS is an independent, industry-leading depositary service provider, offering full scope and depositary-lite services to a broad range of alternative investment funds (AIFs), managed by both EU and non-EU alternative investment fund managers (AIFMs). We support AIFs administered through JTC fund administration services as well as third party fund administrators or self- administered. Our ability to provide these services autonomously ensures the credibility of our independence enabling us to act in the best interests of investors.

We hold a range of FCA regulatory permissions, which enable us to service:

  • Open or closed-ended hedge funds, private equity, real estate and other real asset funds domiciled outside of the EU managed by EU managers (depositary-lite model).
  • Open or closed-ended UK unauthorised funds such as listed investment trusts investing in financial instruments (full depositary).
  • Closed-ended UK private equity, real estate or other real asset funds domiciled in the UK (PE/ RE depositary).
  • Non-EU managers marketing offshore funds in Germany and Denmark (depositary-lite under Article 42 AIFMD “gold plating”).

Our AIFMD depositary services include one or more of the following AIFMD requirements:

  • Article 21(7) Cash flow monitoring.
  • Article 21(8)(a) Safe keeping of assets (custody assets).
  • Article 21(8)(b) Record keeping and verification of non-custody assets.
  • Article 21(9) Oversight (including oversight of valuation of the AIF and the AIF’s compliance with investment restrictions and leverage limits).

INDOS was the first Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) Depositary to be authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority in January 2014, and the first non-bank Depositary to be authorised as a full Depositary for UK unauthorised funds in May 2017.

We also offer depositary services through JTC’s Luxembourg office. JTC Luxembourg has been granted a depositary licence by Luxembourg’s Ministry of Finance, asserting our capabilities to support a growing number of fund managers in Europe. Find out more about JTC Luxembourg’s depositary services here.

Please watch the video on our Depositary Services below