Independent ESG Oversight and Assurance

With  increasing importance being placed on ESG accountability and transparency, asset managers need to demonstrate to investors and other stakeholders how they embrace and apply ESG within their business and investment process.

INDOS offers a range of services which help asset managers implement ESG within their business and provide transparency and assurance to their investors and other stakeholders. These include:  

  • Consultancy services, ranging from the preparation of ESG policies, the provision of ESG training and enabling firms to become Carbon Neutral;

  • ESG Process Assurance which provides comfort that ESG policies and procedures and being adhered to;

  • Independent ESG Transparency Reporting over a fund portfolio including periodic screening and reporting against recognised climate and other ESG data sets.

We welcome the opportunity to talk to firms that would be interested in these ESG services. To find out more, please contact Victoria Gillespie, Head of ESG Services at [email protected].

INDOS is a UNPRI signatory, underscoring our commitment to the principles of responsible investment.

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