5 Years of Service – Emmet Jackson


On the 1st February 2021, Emmet Jackson, Risk and Governance Director at INDOS financial, celebrates his work anniversary of 5 years of service in the INDOS Team. Find out about Emmet’s time at INDOS so far below.

Since joining INDOS in 2016 I’ve had the opportunity to work in our Irish office on the Depositary side of the business before transferring to London to take up my current role as Risk & Governance Director. One of the many positive aspects of this role is I get to interact which pretty much everyone across our 3 offices, which until COVID-19 meant regular on-site visits to each office. Outside of Risk & Governance I’m also responsible for IT oversight and in house system development.

In the time I’ve been with INDOS we’ve increased not only the number of staff and office locations but also the number of service offerings we provide. This to me demonstrates the importance that fund managers and the wider financial community place on a dedicated independent oversight model. 

More recently however, I’ve been proud to work for INDOS, seeing how, as a firm we have tackled the immense challenge posed by COVID-19 in ensuring not only the health and safety but overall wellbeing of all staff throughout the pandemic.