AIFMD Depositary-lite: an advisors perspective

COO Connect interviews Simon Whiteside, Partner at Simmons & Simmons, on the AIFMD depositary lite regime. Simon discussed the risks to managers under AIFMD if depositary lite providers do not perform their duties and the impact of future developments such as the potential extension of the AIFMD pan-European marketing passport and the phasing-out of the private placement regimes in 2018. Click here to watch the video.

The interview highglights the importance of performing proper due diligence on depositary providers. INDOS Financial has prepared an AIFMD Depositary Due Diligence Assessment Checklist template to enable managers to assess and compare different service offerings and would be pleased to talk to any managers about the key risk areas to consider.

To listen to INDOS Financial’s own update on how the depositary regime is working out in practice, you can watch the video below.