AIFMD: Small Authorised UK AIFM – a practical guide

INDOS Financial and Robert Quinn Consulting, the financial compliance consultancy, have produced a practical briefing paper for UK alternative investment fund managers that are currently Small Authorised UK AIFM. The paper covers a range of topics including:

  • The calculation of AUM used to measure assets against the €100m threshold;
  • On-going obligations to monitor AUM and required action should the threshold be breached;
  • Reasons why managers may wish to consider opting up to Full Scope AIFM status;
  • AIFMD Annex IV regulatory reporting obligations for Small AIFMs;
  • A summary of the FCA Variation of Permission process for firms that no longer meet the Small AIFM exemptions; and
  • The implications of being a Full Scope AIFM.

If you are a Small Authorised UK AIFM and would like to obtain a copy of the paper please contact Bill Prew at [email protected] or Matthew Raver at [email protected].