Exploring AIFMD Depositary-Lite with ADI

In this article published in the October 2013 edition of Alternative Domicile Intelligence magazine, Bill Prew explains the AIFMD depositary-lite regime, timing considerations for EU managers of non-EU funds, the different depositary-lite models which are emerging, and a number of considerations for managers, investors and fund directors when considering how best to comply with these new requirements.

We highlight frustration on the part of many managers with the lack of clarity and terms of offerings from many established depositary businesses, why independence and transparency is important and why, if implemented well, depositary-lite will add real value to investors.

At Indos Financial, we are now substantially ready to commence providing independent oversight services to funds. Contract terms and a detailed due diligence questionnaire are available for review to any fund wishing to consider our services and we would be pleased to meet to discuss how pragmatic and flexible solution will add value.

The full article can be downloaded by clicking on this link: ADI-Depository-Light-Article