INDOS Financial to provide depositary services for Standish Management


INDOS Financial, the UK’s only specialist independent AIFMD depositary, and U.S.-based Standish Management, a boutique provider of fund administration to managers of private equity, venture capital, real estate and fund of funds, today announced a partnership agreement. Under the partnership, INDOS will provide depositary services to Standish’s U.S. private equity fund clients who have European limited partners.

The new alliance gives U.S.-based fund managers access to depositary services that are required of funds by several European markets.

“As it’s become clearer that US domiciled funds cannot rely on reverse solicitation to avoid registration in European countries where they have LPs, we needed to be able to offer our clients advice and services in order for them to comply with AIFMD. Partnering with the INDOS team enables us to offer education and depositary services to our clients with European investors,” said Judy Tyler, Managing Partner of Standish’s Los Angeles office.

“Compliance with the AIFMD marketing rules is not as complex as firms might expect and reduces compliance and business risk for U.S. managers seeking to raise capital in Europe. We are delighted to be working with Standish to provide an independent depositary solution to their clients to enable compliance,” said Bill Prew, CEO of INDOS Financial.

About INDOS:

INDOS Financial specializes in providing independent AIFMD depositary services to alternative investment funds. Clients include U.S. managers that have registered and market funds in Germany and Denmark (the two main countries in Europe that require a depositary to be appointed). INDOS was the first FCA authorized AIFMD Depositary in January 2014 and currently provides depositary services to over 50 funds that have over $7 billion in assets. INDOS is based in London with a second office in Co. Wexford, Ireland.

About Standish:

Standish Management, LLC is a 100% employee owned company that provides fund administration for managers and general partners of private equity, buy-out, venture capital, real estate and fund-of-funds firms. Founded in 2007, Standish is based in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Boston, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Walnut Creek and Woodland Hills. For more information, visit