What clients are saying about the INDOS AIFMD depo-lite service

It is now over three months since the end of the AIFMD transitional period on 22 July 2014. INDOS has been providing an independent depositary-lite service to many clients since June this year and by the end of the year we will be acting for over 30 funds with in excess of $2bn AUM.

Several of our clients have shared their positive experience for the benefit of other firms that are considering their depositary-lite options. Click here to read the testimonials.

We are seeing enquiries about depositary-lite service from a variety of managers. If your firm falls into one of the categories below, or you would simply value an informal conversation about anything AIFMD related, please contact [email protected] or via +44 (0) 203 691 6327.

  • Managers that are concerned about the limitations and risks of a reverse solicitation strategy.
  • Managers planning for 2015 and considering marketing funds in the EU.
  • Small AIFM that expect assets to grow and lead the manager to become a Full Scope AIFM.
  • Managers that are not receiving the value or service expected from their selected depositary. 
  • Non-EU managers seeking to market in Germany or Denmark and therefore need a depositary-lite solution.